Founded in 2000 by Executive Chairman, Ian Ferguson, The Ferguson Consultants Group has since grown significantly to a position where it is recognised as one of the leading and most innovative immigration consultancy companies in the Southern Hemisphere. We have maintained this position because we always have a focus on the goals of the individual first, their success creates our success. We are recognised as the leading and most trusted professional immigration & education services provider in Australia & New Zealand. Ferguson Migration & Education prides ourselves to as being fair, fast, results orientate, responsive, reliable, honest and easy to deal with professional organisation.



To shape a better future by transforming every-day lives and building the life of tomorrow, today!


Together we achieve the extraordinary by assisting people from all around the world to successfully and lawfully gain entry into Australia and New Zealand to help build their future and create opportunities to take their lives from good to great.


The relationships we build with our clients and how we manage them ties everything together for us. We take a partnering approach to each individual, developing relationships with clients and other stakeholders to understand personal needs and goals. We listen to our clients in order to truly understand requirements and expectations. Only then are we in a position to undertake the role in delivering a successful outcome for our clients.


Our commitment to learning ensures that we are open to the best ideas and willing to adopt these in current and future cases. This approach is not only integral to our business operations but also in the management program we have instituted to identify and develop future leaders.

Adding real value upfront, managing the application process strongly throughout and supporting and updating our clients through to the very end of their application ensures our continued success and further strengths the relationship with our client. It’s a methodology that sets up apart.

The Core Values of Our Company – our core values are what makes us!


  • Passion is at the heart of our company. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving to shape a better future.
  • We are passionate about people: our colleagues, associates and clients.
  • We make a difference for millions of people every year.
  • We find people work, give them experience and the opportunity to build their futures.


  • We are the industry leader; our goal is to provide more education and work opportunities for more people.
  • Education and Work is a basic need and a basic right: by finding people the right course and job we provide them and their family with an income, status and a future.
  • We promote diversity, equality and inclusivity in the workforce.
  • We lead by example, we act with integrity and respect.


  • We constantly take initiatives to empower people, fuel economies, and enrich societies.
  • We take ownership and stand by our own results.
  • We act upon opportunities.
  • We learn fast from success and failure.
  • We inspire others and continuously seek innovative solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

We understand that migration to another country is a momentous decision, so we invest the time upfront to understand our client needs.

Our mission is focused around our students’ goals and aspirations – their success creates our success.

We listen to our clients to truly understand their key needs and expectations which gives us the best foundation to provide a successful outcome. We support them through the whole process from the application process and value the relationship with our clients, this is what sets us apart. Our clients can be assured we’ll keep them informed and be here when they need us most

We want our clients to recognise us as being fair, fast, results oriented, responsive, reliable, honest and easy to deal with professional organisation because:

  • We deliver on our promises and are trusted advisors providing guidance, support and follow up whilst creating a better future.

  • We align our processes and solutions with the immigration department’s expectations to guarantee success for our applicants fast and at low cost.

  • We provide a one stop shop for immigration, education, orientation, transportation, finance, health care, housing, job search, job placement, accounting and capital purchases services & facilitation.

  • We create leading edge technology and applications to make it easy for our clients to reach our services and a platform for our partners to advertise their services.

  • We are recognised as a local organisation making global impact and contributing to the world community via our social enterprise efforts.