Australia grants both work-based and family-based permanent residency visas. This complicated yet rewarding process requires citizen sponsorship. Family-based permanent residency visas are split into several different categories. We specialise in the following types of family-based immigration visas:

Partner Category Visas

Child & Adoption Visas

Parent Category Visas

Family Member Visas



No matter what type of family-based visa you or your loved one is applying for, we will do our best to assess and put forth your qualifications. The most rewarding part of our job is getting you approved. We want to make the visa application process as easy as possible so that you can be on your way to prospering as a permanent Australian resident.

Non-citizens can also apply for work-related permanent residency. Work-related permanent residency visas are up for grabs if you have the right credentials. For example, you must be directly nominated to qualify for an employer-sponsored permanent residency.

Whether you are applying for a work or family-related permanent residency, the professional consultants at Ferguson Migration & Education can help you every step along the way.

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