Australian refugee visas are available to non-citizens who are being persecuted by their home country. There is no cost to apply for these visas, some grants are available for travel.

Refugee and Humanitarian Visas

Refugee and humanitarian visas are available to individuals who are in a humanitarian crisis. They allow you to permanently live, work, and study within the country. Visas holders can also sponsor their own family members for permanent residency visas.

To qualify for the visa, you must live outside of the country and be subject to persecution in your home country. Once you are granted a visa, you must arrive in Australia by a set date and comply with all local laws and visa conditions.

Special Humanitarian Visas

Global special humanitarian visas are available to individuals who live outside of Australia and face substantial discrimination or human rights violations in your home county. The visa allows you to permanently live, work, and study in the country. Like the refugee visa, it also allows you to sponsor people for permanent Australian residency.

To qualify for the visa, you must live outside of Australia, face discrimination, and be recommended by a person or organisation in Australia. There is no charge for this visa, though individuals are typically responsible for their travel costs.

Protection Visa

Protection visas are available to individuals who have legally arrived in the country, engage in the country's protection obligations, and meet auxiliary conditions. These conditions include being a refugee who can not return to your home country because you will be persecuted based on your race, religion, political option, nationality, or group membership.

If you are granted a protection visa, you will be able to live as a permanent Australian resident. You may apply for Medicare or Centrelink services too. You may even be able to sponsor relatives for permanent Australian residency.

A refugee visa can offer you a life-changing opportunity. Work without trusted visa consultants to ensure your best possible chance at approval.

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