Are you looking to migrate to Australia for business or investment purposes? If so, it is important to have a professional migration consultant to help you along the way. At Ferguson Migration & Education, we can help you plan and execute your visa application and migration.

There are several different types of Australian work and business visas, including:

Skilled Migration Visas

Skilled migration visas are available to talented individuals who are looking to work or invest in Australia. When looking to approve skilled migration visas, the Bureau of Home Affairs targets migrants who can fill skill shortages within the country. There is a wide range of subcategories within this type of visa classification, making the application process difficult to navigate. These visas are typically spread into different tenure periods and skills. At Ferguson Migration & Education, we serve to make the skilled migration application process easier and more approachable.

Working & Skilled Visas

Working and skilled visas are only applicable to a number of predetermined skilled-based occupations. Accepted occupations can be found on the Skilled Occupation List. When approved, this visa allows individuals to both work and live in Australia for a set amount of time. To qualify for this type of visa, you must be invited by the state or territory government or nominated by your employer. You can also submit an Expression of Interest through Skill Select. This is not to be confused as being part of the application process. There are many different types of work visas to opt for, making it important to utilise a consultant whenever possible.

Business Innovation and Investment Visas

Business visas and investment visas are intended for those who desire to own and manage a business, investment, or entrepreneurial activity in Australia. To be eligible you must be nominated by a government organisation and be invited to apply. Qualified individuals must score 65 or higher on the Australian points test to be considered for approval. Points are awarded for things such as age, assets, experience, and endorsements.

Beyond that, there are strict investment requirements. There are even character, health, and Australian values requirements to be met. The visa allows you to include your family, including a spouse, and any applicable children, in the application, The visas allow individuals to stay within the country for as long as four years and three months. Nevertheless, each additional applicant must pay the full application cost. It can take longer than 20 months to process these types of visa applications.

Talent Visas

Talent visas are yet another unique category of the Australian visa. A distinguished talent visa allows people of significant talent to permanently reside in the country. Whether you are a professional athlete, artist, or researcher, the application process is complicated and costly. Very few people utilise this visa application as it requires international notoriety and a potential to be an Australian asset.

At Ferguson Migration & Education, our expert migration consultants can help you navigate complex migration laws and visa requirements. Call us today so that we can determine which work visa is right for you or your family.

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