At Ferguson Migration & Education, we handle over 100 different types of part-time and permanent visa applications. These include student, family, refugee, and business-related visas. As registered migration professionals, we stay up-to-date on changing and evolving visa requirements to ensure that you have the best possible outcome to your application.

Bridging Visas

As the name suggests, bridging visas are temporary visas that allow you to stay in Australian between an expired visa and a pending visa application. The Bridging visa A has strict credentials that do not allow you to leave the country when holding a bridging visa. Meanwhile, the Bridging visa B is a temporary visa that does allow you to leave the country while your substantive visa is being processed. There are also bridging visas C through E.

Crew Travel Authority Visa

Crew Travel Authority Visas are available to carriers who wish to apply for visas for their crew members. To qualify, you must be registered as a crew member who travels on commercial or chartered passenger or cargo flights. Allotted stays are 30 days for crew members and safety inspectors. There are also 5-day stays available to to positioning crew members.

Former Resident Visa

Former resident visas are a subclass of visas that are available to former permanent residents and those who have served in the Australian Defence Force to become permanent Australian residents. Conditions include being 18 or older, under the age of 45, and having kept ties with Australia while living overseas.

Maritime Crew Visa

Maritime crew visas are available to foreign non-military ship crew members who are entering Australia by sea. They may also apply to the spouses, partners, or children of the crew members. There is no cost for these visas.

Medical Treatment Visa

Medical treatment visas are available to individuals who are receiving medical treatments or consultations in Australia. The length of stay granted via a medical visa is usually as long as the treatment but does not usually expand beyond 1 year. There are several criteria, including intention, health, and financial-related criteria that must be meet met before this visa can be approved.

Resident Return Visas

Resident return visas allow approved permanent Australian residents, former permanent residents, and former citizens to travel internationally without revoking your permanent residency status. This is a permanent residency visa with a 5-year travel facility.

Special Category Visa

Special category visas are available to New Zealand residents who wish to visit, study, stay, or work in Australia. To qualify, you must be a New Zealand citizen with a valid passport. You must also meet specific health and character requirements. There is no cost for this visa, and the length of stay is flexible.

Special Purpose Visa

Special purpose visas are available to individuals who, quite literally, have a special purpose to travel to Australia. There is no predetermined length of stay nor cost for this type of visa. There is also no application for this visa as it is automatically granted to individuals from the Royal Family, the Australian government, military, armed forces of certain Asia-Pacific countries, armed forces of Commonwealth countries, airline crew members, or airline positioning crew members.

If you or someone you know is struggling to find a visa category to apply for, let our qualified migration consultants help you explore the wide range of alternative visa options.

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