At Ferguson Migration & Education, we specialise in helping you apply for and process your Australian visitor visa. Per Australian law, all non-resident visitors spending 3 to 21 months in the country need this type of documentation. According to the Department of Homeland Affairs, frequent reasons for visitor visas include tourism, business obligations, family obligations, or organised tours.

Let us give you peace of mind by finding the right visa for you and following through with the application from submission to acceptance.

It is important to note that visitor visas are at the discretion of the Minister of Home Affairs. At Ferguson Migration & Education, we offer a comprehensive eligibility assessment. What's more, we offer a highly competitive “no visa, no fee guarantee.” Nevertheless, with a 98-percent acceptance rate on all visa application, we're fairly confident you'll get the results you're looking for.

Transit Visas

Australian transit visas are yet another important subcategory of visa available through the Department of Home Affairs. These documents allow temporary transit visitors to legally stay in Australia for up to 72 hours. To be eligible for transit visas, you must have a documented reservation in another country. In addition, migratory workers with crew documents may be eligible. The vast majority of transit visas are processed within 13 days. At Ferguson Migration & Education, we can help you prepare your transit visa application and get your supporting documentation in order.

Work & Holiday Visas

Work and holiday visas are available to workers and travellers who plan on spending up to a year the country of Australia. There are very specific requirements for this visa. For starters, you must be between the ages of 18 and 31 years old to apply. What's more, you may not apply if you are travelling with a dependent child. Finally, you must hold a valid passport from one of 20 pre-approved countries of origin. Processing times for this type of visa are significantly longer than those mentioned above, so let us help you expedite the process. Ferguson Migration & Education boasts fully licensed immigration consultants that can help you successfully apply and receive a work and holiday visa in no time at all.

At Ferguson Migration & Education, we strive to make the Australian visa application process as easy as possible. We see each application through from the start to the end, forging ahead to ensure the highest likelihood of approval.

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