Ferguson Education and Migration Team


Ian Ferguson

Ian Ferguson, the Founder and CEO established Ferguson Education & Migration after extensive experience in Senior Management roles in both private and public companies over the last 30 years.

Ian’s focus is on providing clients with the right advice, which is based on his companies values of honesty, integrity and ethics, Ian’s commitment to his company's clients goes beyond a purely business relationship to one of helping them achieve their immigration goals and to provide their families with a better life, and with over a 98% success rate in obtaining the right Visa for his Clients, your future is in the right hands.


Sarika Kumar

With over 20 years experience within the international education industry, Sarika brings a wealth of knowledge to Ferguson Education & Migration, covering all facets of International student enrolments and placements and working alongside our Partner Universities and Institutes in both Australia and New Zealand, from the initial consultation stage, through to the coordination of visa process to final visa lodgement, working closely with the case officers to facilitate until final approval of the visa applications.

As the senior Consultant at Ferguson Education and Migration, Sarika is responsible for the day to day management and operations of the organisation and is also responsible for the company's extensive international network of offices throughout the world.


Salman Anis

Salman joined Ferguson Education & Migration in 2018 and is always looking for ways to ensure the company is growing. He has a Double Masters in Marketing and Business from Griffith University.

He is supervising all marketing activities of the business (particularly digital marketing) to ensure Ferguson Education & Migration is on the right track. He is also in charge of business development to help the company grow. He is also responsible for liasing with clients and ensuring they receive quality customer service and honest advise. He is always quick to deliver on his commitments and is a valuable member of the Ferguson team.

Apart from work, Salman is interested in sports (mainly cricket and football) and enjoys writing.


Joanna Berry

Joanna is the Marketing Coordinator and Enrolment Officer at Ferguson Education Group. She has two Bachelors; Business major in Marketing, and International Relations from Griffith University. Joanna has a deep passion for international education with her background encompassing living in different parts of the world.
She is creative, enthusiastic, bubbly and loves to help students reach their goals by helping them find the right educational path for them so that they can achieve their dreams and reach their full potential!
Outside of work she enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, camping, photography and swimming.


Ayesha Arshad

Ayesha is originally from Pakistan but has spent most of her life in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She has studied her Bachelors in Management Studies majoring Human Resources and Tourism Management at the University of Waikato in New Zealand and her Masters in International Tourism and Hospitality Management from Griffith University on the Gold Coast, Australia.

She loves assisting our students achieve their dreams!

Fun facts about Ayesha is that she loves cats, reading, playing badminton and the colour yellow.


Sachini Jayawickrema

Sachini is one of our Enrolment Officers and has completed her Master of Business double majored in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Events Management from Griffith University. She is originally from Sri Lanka and has personal experience of coming to Australia for her own student visa. She assists with the overall business including general administration, enrolments and marketing.
She is very helpful and always willing to learn. In her free time, she is interested in playing badminton, loves to dance and does several performances too!


Shania Carter

Shania is a friendly and outgoing person who loves to help students come to Australia or New Zealand. She holds a Bachelor's of Business majored in Marketing and is very creative and innovative. She loves being able to help students achieve their goals and will do anything she can to assist you! Shania is also an early riser who loves the gym and the beach - all things that keep her active and healthy!


Josiah Neal

Josiah is currently in his fourth year of a dual degree in Law and International Relations at Bond University here in the Gold Coast. In his studies, Josiah has studied both Administrative Law and Immigration Law and is aiming to graduate with Honours and an International and Comparative Law specialisation.  Josiah is a part-time employee in order to balance work with his studies and serving as the President of the Bond University Student Association, a non-for-profit, volunteer organisation that helps students in a range of areas while studying at Bond. In 2023, Josiah is looking forward to using his New Colombo Plan Scholarship from the Australian Federal Government to study, intern and network in Vanuatu, India and other Asia-Pacific countries. He is keen to experience some of the cultures of these areas but will miss working with the team at Ferguson to make a tangible difference in the lives of those wanting to study and work in Australia.


Jai Ferguson

Jai is a passionate Enrolment Officer, with this he is also currently studying Law at Bond University. He loves to help students reach their career and educational dreams by assisting them with coming to Australia or New Zealand. He loves to talk to all his students and is extremely friendly! Additionally, ​he loves food especially desserts.


Nancy Polley

Nancy is a Dual Citizen and has been in Australia for over 11 years. She is originally from Alabama USA and knows how it is to move to a new country.
She loves people, she loves helping students, and she's got an infectious personality that just makes you smile!

She's bubbly, friendly and enthusiastic therefore her role as one of the Registration Officers suits her well. When not at work she enjoys pilates, yoga and the beach.


Nathan Sheen

Nathan loves talking to all of you and has a lot of experience in Customer Service. Originally from Sydney. He's always up for a chat and loves meeting new people! Nathan is motivated to assist you in accomplishing your goals.


Maria Ferrer

Maria's enthusiasm is contagious, making it no surprise that she gets along great with everyone! Maria is one of our Enrolment Officers and loves helping students achieve their dreams; she can't wait until you do too! She has a positive attitude, which means that every day is a fun day for her. Maria loves gardening and travelling with her family. With two active daughters and one little puppy always running around the house, life never gets boring!


Darryl Lebria

Darryl makes the room light with his enthusiasm and outgoing personality. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Education majoring in Biological Science. Darryl is passionate about helping students achieve their dreams and loves to communicate with his students. Moreover, he likes to explore new things that would help him grow more and develop new skills. In his free time, he loves to watch environmental documentaries and sci-fi series.


Mikee Reyna

Mikee has experience in different industries which have an identical goal: to help and support. Also a degree holder in Human Resources, he is very passionate about engaging in different conversations with different kinds of people. As one of the enrolment officers, Mikee is full of excitement and enthusiasm to help out the students with the process of achieving their personal goals and dreams through Ferguson Education & Migration. In his free time, he loves playing the guitar, watching films, or going on long drives.


Darwin Nacion

Darwin is a licensed professional teacher with a background in business education while pursing his Masters. He has made it his personal and professional goal to assist people in succeeding in their endeavours to the best of his ability. Given Darwin's background, he is a very knowledgeable and compassionate person. In his free time, he is a musician for a local church, enjoys watching movies and maintains a healthy life at the gym.


Trisha Pineda

Trisha is from the Philippines and has a Bachelor's in Entrepreneurship. She really enjoys meeting people all around the world and to be able to help them with what they need. She thrives on communicating and creating a comfortable and safe atmosphere. She has worked extensively in the education industry. Trisha spends her free time reading books and playing video games.