Ferguson Education and Migration Team


Ian Ferguson

Ian Ferguson, the Founder and CEO established Ferguson Education & Migration after extensive experience in Senior Management roles in both private and public companies over the last 30 years.

Ian’s focus is on providing clients with the right advice, which is based on his companies values of honesty, integrity and ethics, Ian’s commitment to his company’s clients goes beyond a purely business relationship to one of helping them achieve their immigration goals and to provide their families with a better life, and with over a 98% success rate in obtaining the right Visa for his Clients, your future is in the right hands.


Sarika Kumar

With over 20 years experience within the international education industry, Sarika brings a wealth of knowledge to Ferguson Education & Migration, covering all facets of International student enrolments and placements and working alongside our Partner Universities and Institutes in both Australia and New Zealand, from the initial consultation stage, through to the coordination of visa process to final visa lodgement, working closely with the case officers to facilitate until final approval of the visa applications.

As the senior Consultant at Ferguson Education and Migration, Sarika is responsible for the day to day management and operations of the organisation and is also responsible for the company’s extensive international network of offices throughout the world.


Arava Ravu

Arava was recently appointed as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for our PNG Team that is based in Port Moresby. Arava has over 10 years of executive management experience including General Manager Finance at Eda Ranu, Regional General Manager Customer Service at Water PNG Ltd and more recently Financial Controller with Water PNG Ltd.

Arava is very passionate and looks forward in transforming PNG through the power of education. Here at Ferguson, Arava believes that everyone is gifted and talented but lack the opportunity. With his experience and wider network, he will ensure the clients are provided opportunity to break through to study and work abroad especially in Australia and New Zealand to transform their lives.


Salman Anis

Meet Salman Anis, Our Director of Global Operations

Salman Anis, our Director of Global Operations, is responsible for overseeing operations in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Australia. With a career spanning over 5 years, Salman brings extensive experience and expertise to our leadership team.

Salman Anis is a dedicated and strategic leader, with a focus on developing a cohesive and efficient team that works harmoniously. He streamlines systems to benefit both our students and team members, while also effectively managing internal and external stakeholders.

Salman Anis is not only a seasoned professional but also a mentor and inspiration to our team, leading by example and instilling a culture of teamwork and dedication.

Apart from work, Salman has huge passion for sports and is an official Cricket umpire for Gold Coast Umpiring Association.


Jo-Anne Philips

Jo-Anne is an accomplished Accounts Manager with a wealth of experience and expertise in financial management. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for numbers, Jo-Anne plays a vital role in our company’s financial success. In addition to her professional achievements, Jo-Anne is a dedicated team player who actively contributes to our company culture. She is known for her positive attitude, problem-solving abilities, and willingness to go the extra mile to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. In her free time, she loves to spend her time with her kids.


Giovana Lippe

Giovana is an accomplished professional with an MBA degree from Australia. With a genuine passion for getting to know people from all around the world, Giovana’s experiences as a foreign exchange student during high school in America have cultivated a deep gratitude for the cultural diversity and the invaluable perspectives it offers. She is dedicated to matching talented international students with their ideal career opportunities.

Beyond the professional sphere, Giovana is an avid traveller and fitness enthusiast, always seeking new adventures and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Accompanied by a playful and beloved puppy dog, Giovana enjoys exploring the beaches and taking refreshing walks together.


Shania Carter

Shania is one of our Marketing Officer & Enrolment Officers. She is a friendly and outgoing person who loves to help students come to Australia or New Zealand. She holds a Bachelor’s of Business majored in Marketing and is very creative and innovative. She loves being able to help students achieve their goals and will do anything she can to assist you!

Shania is also an early riser who loves the gym and the beach – all things that keep her active and healthy!


Sachini Jayawickrema

Sachini is one of our Marketing Officer & Enrolment Officers. Sachini has completed her Master of Business double majored in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Events Management from Griffith University. She is originally from Sri Lanka and has personal experience of coming to Australia for her own student visa. She assists with the overall business including enrolments and marketing. She loves communicating with new people and assisting students to their preferred needs. Sachini is very helpful and always willing to learn.

In her free time, she is interested in playing badminton, loves to dance and does several performances too!


Nancy Polley

Nancy is a dual citizen and has been in Australia for over 11 years. She is originally from Alabama, USA and knows how it is to move to a new country.
She loves people, she loves helping students, and she’s got an infectious personality that just makes you smile!

She’s bubbly, friendly and enthusiastic therefore her role as one of the Registration Officers suits her well. When not at work she enjoys pilates, yoga and the beach.


Mary Anne Landrito

Mary has a broad experience in working in this type of industry. She was previously an Assessment Coordinator and Student Success Coordinator for colleges in UK and Canada. She has an extensive knowledge on how to handle administrative task to assist and support with all the processes needed for students to achieve their goal. She took BA Mass Communication and loves to interact with different types of people not only to share her knowledge but also to learn from them. She loves to spend her free time with her children travelling and going out over the weekend for dinner.


Maria Ferrer

Maria’s enthusiasm is contagious, making it no surprise that she gets along great with everyone! Maria is one of our Enrolment Officers and loves helping students achieve their dreams; she can’t wait until you do too! She has a positive attitude, which means that every day is a fun day for her. Maria loves gardening and travelling with her family. With two active daughters and one little puppy always running around the house, life never gets boring!


Darryl Lebria

Darryl makes the room light with his enthusiasm and outgoing personality. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Education majoring in Biological Science. Darryl is passionate about helping students achieve their dreams and loves to communicate with his students. Moreover, he likes to explore new things that would help him grow more and develop new skills. In his free time, he loves to watch environmental documentaries and sci-fi series.


Trisha Pineda

Trisha is from the Philippines and has a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship. She really enjoys meeting people all around the world and to be able to help them with what they need. She thrives on communicating and creating a comfortable and safe atmosphere. She has worked extensively in the education industry. Trisha spends her free time reading books and playing video games.


Mikee Reyna

Mikee has experience in different industries which have an identical goal: to help and support. Also a degree holder in Human Resources, he is very passionate about engaging in different conversations with different kinds of people. As one of the enrolment officers, Mikee is full of excitement and enthusiasm to help out the students with the process of achieving their personal goals and dreams through Ferguson Education & Migration. In his free time, he loves playing the guitar, watching films, or going on long drives.


Darwin Nacion

Darwin is a licensed professional teacher with a background in business education while pursing his Masters. He has made it his personal and professional goal to assist people in succeeding in their endeavours to the best of his ability. Given Darwin’s background, he is a very knowledgeable and compassionate person. In his free time, he is a musician for a local church, enjoys watching movies and maintains a healthy life at the gym.


Muhammad Bilal Ali

Bilal is from Pakistan and is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in Business Administration. He enjoys meeting new people all from all over the world and loves helping them out with their roadblocks. Bilal is a music enthusiast and has a great interest in anime and comics books. In his free time, he likes to participate in welfare activities. Bilal is an avid fan for the Spanish football team, Real Madrid.


Arisa Masuda

Arisa is known to be kind and generous among her peers. She never hesitates to lend a helping hand to others, especially tot hose who need it most. This personal characteristic of Arisa pushed her to pursue a career in an industry where she can guide students in reaching their dreams and aspirations. before doing so, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management in 2021.


Steven C. Ray

Steven is originally from United Kingdom and has spent the last 11 years living in Asia before moving to Australia.  Steven studied politics and sociology in London before becoming a humanities and economics teacher at an international school. After teaching, Steven wanted a new challenge and is now Visa Compliance Team Leader at Ferguson Education and Migration. Steven combines his own visa experiences, along with his background in education and analysis, to ensure his clients applications are as strong as possible before they are lodged. Steven is happy to assist his clients during the final stages of their visa journey and is here to answer their questions about this procedure. In his free time Steven enjoys reading, going on long beach walks, and travelling.


Jai Ferguson

Jai is passionate at what he does. He is our executive assistant for the visa lodgement team. He is also currently studying Law at Bond University. He loves to help students reach their career and educational dreams by assisting them with coming to Australia or New Zealand.

He loves to talk to all his students and is extremely friendly! Additionally, ​he loves food especially desserts.


Hannah Hill

Hannah’s background is Fijian and Australian. She completed her Law Degree at Bond University. Through her studies she has enjoyed administrative and corporate law and civil procedure. She is extremely passionate about sustainability, human rights and welfare and is dedicated to providing assistance to our clients, and helping students achieve their educational and career goals! Hannah enjoys quiet activities such as reading, writing and supporting local businesses by going to local cafes and produce markets.


Samuel Leclerc

Samuel is currently in his second year studying Law at Bond University. Throughout the years, Samuel has volunteered with many organisations including some related to Immigration. Samuel is aiming to graduate with Honours with a specialisation in Contemporary Legal Issues and a specialisation in International and Comparative Law. Samuel is very active in the community and the student life volunteering his time in couple of clubs and also giving back to the community. Samuel has also received an Intern Scholarship for Think Pacific Fiji as an International Development Intern in which he will be participating during the summer. Samuel has had various exposure with international legislation research assisting with projects for the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre. Samuel likes to stay busy and active. When he is not working, volunteering his time or studying, he enjoys playing ice hockey or football.


Talia Jedua

Talia is passionate about providing quality service to our clients and seeks to ease the clients’ application journeys in any way she can. While undergoing a Bachelor of Law (Honours) and Bachelor of Government and International Relations at Griffith University, Talia looks forward to continuing to assist clients with the immigration process with a focus and interest in the legal perspectives. When she is not studying and refining her interests in effect government policies and international law, she enjoys going to see live music, spending time outdoors and tending to her many houseplants.


Menah Bukie

Menah’s journey as a Study Centre Coordinator is characterized by her deep-rooted desire to make a meaningful impact. What sets Menah apart is her genuine enthusiasm for her work. Her role isn’t just a responsibility; it’s a source of inspiration that fuels her determination to go above and beyond each day. She finds joy in every achievement, big or small, and this positive energy ripples through the study centre, creating an environment ripe for growth and learning.


Komati Koi Junior


Joeanne Wanjik

Joeanne exhibits a profound passion for aiding individuals and delivering unparalleled customer service. She takes pride in her ability to effectively communicate with clients, understand their needs, and enjoy finding creative solutions to meet those needs. She finds fulfillment in building strong relationships with clients and being a trusted advisor to them. Ultimately, she loves assisting her clients every step of the way, a pursuit that empowers her to effect positive change in the lives of others. The best part of her role is seeing her clients leaving with satisfaction upon getting their Visa Grant.


Melita Kutkue

Melita’s primary responsibility revolves around guiding students through the journey of enrolment and career exploration in our Study Centre. Her adeptness in understanding the unique aspirations and goals of each student allows her to uncover the best-suited career pathways, setting them on a path towards success. She has 4+ years in the education industry and thrives to work hard to make every client happy.


Ella Linge


Gilbert Saramasi


Ruth Kelly Maminti