There are many advantages to using a Registered Migration Agent. These advantages include:

  • an understanding of Australia’s migration laws and processes;
  • up to date knowledge on all migration legislation in Australia;
  • explaining which visa options are available to you and recommend a suitable option based on your personal circumstances;
  • providing honest advice and opinion on whether or not your visa application will be successful;
  • advising you on all costs and fees for the visa application, as well as approximate visa processing times;
  • guide you through everything from the skills assessment to IELTS;
  • lodge your application for State/Territory sponsorship (if required);
  • assist you with any migration law queries or complexities that arise with your application;
  • preparing your visa application and supporting documents that comply with the Department of Immigration and Border
    Patrol (DIBP) requirements (which can make it easier and faster to get a decision from the Department);
  • lodging your visa application, monitor your visa status and communicating with the DIBP on your behalf; and
  • can contact the Department or other organisations to discuss or ask any questions regarding your application.

If your visa application is not successful, our team of Immigration Lawyers can apply for Ministerial Intervention (if
appropriate), submit an appeal and represent you at the Tribunal hearing.