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Stage 1 Documents

We are pleased to announce that we are offering a number of partial scholarships and reduced fee programs for over 400 different courses available exclusively for International students for enrolment in Australia and New Zealand through our represented Institutes for 2018 and 2019 start dates.


You can either make payment of $175 Australian Dollar AUD through Bank telegraphic transfer with the downloaded Bank Transfer Form. Please send us a copy of your Telegraphic transfer (TT) receipt to confirm your payment, by scan and email to apply@fergusonconsultants.com.au so we may proceed further with your application. Alternatively, you can pay via credit card through our website just by completing the online application form.

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Stage 2 Documents

Client Receipt and Scholarship Submission Letter – This letter serves as a receipt for the payment made for your Registration fees and it also confirms important information for the next steps of your application. This letter also contains your Client ID Number (on the top right hand corner), please ensure that you quote this unique ID number on any correspondence sent or documents you may be sending, so we can link your documents to your application file.Click here to download and print Offer Letter

Checklist 1 Enrolment Documents – Please send all listed documents on the attached Checklist before 3rd September 2018 so we may go ahead with further processing of your application. (please note – if you do not have a passport at the moment, please send all documents from no.2 – no.7 on the Checklist for now).Click here to download and print Checklist 1 Form

Client Engagement & Consent Letter – This letter must be signed and returned to us by email, as it outlines our fees and also authorises us to act on your behalf to the Department of Immigration and the University. Please send the signed copy of this letter to us before we are able to undertake any further work on your behalf for your application.Click here to download and print Consent Form

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