If you have ever dreamed about studying abroad, Australia is the perfect place for you with highly ranked universities! It is a perfect destination for international students to do further studies, improve language skills and travel!

Australia offers a wide range of course choices for everyone. These include business, hospitality, project management, accounting, nursing and many more. Australia is a world-class educational provider and qualifications obtained from its universities are recognized globally. It opens the door for students into an international job market and improves their chances of finding their dream job.

In metropolitan cities like Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane the number of international students is often higher than domestic students. It gives a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world and learn about their cultures. Australia is a home for people from more than 140 nations and more than half its population was born overseas.

Melbourne Most Livable City!

Based on the annual survey run by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s, Australian cities belong to the most livable cities in the world. In 2018, Melbourne was declared as the best place to live globally! The assessment was made based on the city’s stability and security, healthcare services, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. Melbourne kept its position for seven years in a row. It’s the world’s famous art city, culturally rich with the commitment to provide outstanding quality in the education system.

Living in Australia, a lot of international students can commit enough time to studies and also get a part-time job to pay off their expenses. As per Australian Immigration rules, students can work 40 hours fortnightly. It is also easy to find a job in local cafes or restaurants to save up for living expenses and travels across the country. Some schools offer internship placement for its students to gain first-hand experience while studying.

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