Studying abroad can be an amazing way to experience a new culture and create new friends while also being an awesome boost to your resume! It shows that you’re a risk taker who is open to new challenges. Studying Abroad evidences your cross-cultural understanding and shows your eagerness and passion for your chosen field of study.

There are many ways that you can further boost your resume while studying abroad

such as:

  • Joining Clubs/Committees

Clubs are one of the most unique and important aspects of student life and experience. They foster growth, friendship and career development – playing a large role in student satisfaction and relations. Not only will it allow you to network, but it also allows you to work in a team with your skills and talents with a group of like-minded fellow students.

This shows imitative, interest and lets you use your personal interests to stand out from the crowd.

  • Work Experience

The Student Visa you get comes with working rights. Along with other post-visa services, we also offer our clients the service to touch up their resume, get you interview ready and help seek our opportunities to be employed. This work experience is invaluable as it not only reaps financial benefits but will also aid your resume with even more proficiencies and capacities.


  • References from Academic/Teachers

Australia has an incredibly high standard of education – and the same can be said by the educators that teach at the universities and/or colleges you’ll study at. During your time, you can boost your resume while abroad by seeking our international recommendations and references from your Academics/Teachers.


  • Posting about your experiences on LinkedIn

If you are not familiar with it, LinkedIn is excellent social media platform that lets you build connections, seek opportunities and in a way, works as an online application. We suggest that you post and update your LinkedIn with your experiences abroad. We also have a LinkedIn page, so you are more than welcome to tag us in these – we’d love to see your progress and experiences!

Overall, studying abroad shows employers that you have the ability to quickly adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and can deal with new environments and surroundings you may not be familiar with. Along with evidencing your adaptability, studying abroad is also evidence of academic achievement and grit. With over 150+ partners across Australia, we will help find the right fit for you!

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