English Requirements

It is a matter of fact that universities across Australia will require an IELTS test. However, some vocational colleges and institutes that offer diploma level courses may require you to take an independent online English Test. While we understand that no one likes tests, these tests are not designed to fail you – they’re designed to gauge whether your English levels are alike to those that will be used to teach you the course that you have selected to undertake.

This ensures your success and understanding so you can attain the qualification you desire!

We Are Here to Help

Knowing full well that tests are undesirable, we have curated a small read to help you with taking and crushing that online English test!

  1. Immerse Yourself in the Language

Our best suggestion with any language is to immerse yourself into it. Consume books, articles, media and television so that you are also able to partake in areas that you enjoy while practicing your English skills. Through tying together areas of interest with the English language, it veers you away from rote memorisation and pushes you towards more meaningful study – where your list of vocabulary, knowledge of contexts and understanding will, without a doubt, shine.

  1. Talk and be Vocal

Leading up to your exam, talk and be vocal in English. Most English tests have a vocal element. Leading up to your examination/ test – partake in the active process of speaking the language. This allows you to meaningfully think about the best words and ways to phrase items. This may also allow you to detect gaps in your knowledge.

  1. Stay Hydrated and Stay Mentally Healthy

Unfortunately, English exams are not just about your knowledge of the language – but it also assesses you in a n environment that you may not be comfortable in. So stay hydrated, get enough sleep and read any notes you may have the morning of the exam to help you feel confident and happy when you log onto the exam.

You Know Yourself Best

On a final note, you know yourself best. Do what works for you!

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