Looking for work is certainly a challenging and stressful task. It can be even more difficult if you are an international student and applying for your first overseas position. Australia’s job market offers a wide range of opportunities and to become an outstanding applicant you need to follow some simple rules. Read this article to find out how to land your dream job in Australia or New Zealand!

1) Choose the right position

Before you start your research and send off your application, consider which position is most suitable to your current experience and qualifications. If you are a high school graduate it is a good idea to look for an internship related to the field of your studies you are going to undertake overseas. This will become a great benefit for your future career and after successful completion of your internship you could be offered a long-term position in the company. Alternatively, if your main goal is simply to earn some pocket money there are always positions within the public food service and hospitality sector.  Many international students choose this pathway which also gives them a chance to meet other students!

2) Do market research

After you decide which industry suits you best and what position meets your qualifications, you are now ready to conduct “job market research”. There are multiple ways to find work; doing research online via marketplace websites, direct contact via company’s website, joining recruitment agency or visiting your local bars/cafes/restaurants in person if you are looking to work in hospitality.

Each position will have its description available online, you will find what kind of qualifications are required for each role, which will help you to prepare your application documents.

3) Prepare your application documents

Resume– your CV/Resume should include information about your personal and contact details – name, email address and phone number you can be reached on, education background, skills, qualifications and your employment history.

Cover Letter – while your CV/Resume provides information on your qualifications and experience, your cover letter is a personalized document addressed to the company. Your cover letter should explain why you are a suitable candidate for this role and why you are interested in working for the company. Also include what you can offer them, this is your chance to sell yourself!

LinkedIn Profile – if you haven’t created your LinkedIn profile – do it now! LinkedIn is a platform to connect applicants with potential employers and create exposure for yourself as part of the work force.  Once you create your profile you have the opportunity to connect with your previous coworkers, friends and maybe even your future employer!

4) Apply

Once you have all your documents in place, you are ready to apply! The way to submit your application  will depend on how you found the advertisement. If you have found the offer online via recruitment portals such as Seek or Indeed, you will be able to send your application online. However, sometimes, employers provide their email address in the advertisement, so make sure you contact them directly. Sending an email found on the company’s website might be a good idea too – it means you did your research and your application won’t be overlooked!

For any hospitality position, it is certainly recommended to submit your application in person. You will have a chance to make a good first impression and it shows you are confident and determined. If you seem like a good fit for the company, you might be offered a chance for some training straight away!

5) Follow up

Following up in a professional manner might help you to stand out from the rest. It shows you possess a genuine interest in the position and that you are ready to take the offer. However, it is crucial how you do this. The right way is to enquire by a phone call or email. If you have sent your application and haven’t heard from recruitment you should allow approximately a week before contacting the company. A good time to make a call is in the afternoon when workload usually goes down. A good idea is to also mention how you applied and whether you know the name of the Hiring Manager (this may be advertised online). If you are contacting company via email, remember to put your name and details of the position you have applied for.

Lastly, but most importantly, remember to never give up! Being an International Student portrays courage and determination, it shows you have the desire to not only further your education abroad but to also stand out from the rest. You are certainly employable, and you will find your place in the workforce when the timing is right – confidence is key.

Best of luck!

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