Australia, being rated as one of the most livable places in the world, naturally comes with a high level of requirements in order to allow people to immigrate. It takes a lot of effort to meet all the requirements and prepare the perfect application to satisfy the Australian Immigration requirements. And like everything in this world – nothing is free. This means to study at one of the best Universities in Australia you will need to be financially ready. However, it is possible! With the support and guidance from Ferguson Group, you can go through the application process quite smoothly.

What are the requirements?

Firstly, the study program is available for everyone who has completed grade 12. If grade 10 or 11 is your highest level of schooling but you possess other formal qualifications, your application can also be considered. The higher the qualification secured, better are the chances to be accepted for your desired course.

Secondly, English proficiency. As the teaching language is English, your language skills will be assessed. Applying for any course in Australia you are required to take IELTS. IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. If you are a student from the South Pacific, you had English as the Medium of Instruction at your primary and secondary school and you speak English easily. This will assist you with achieving a high score in your IELTS examination. Your skills will be assessed in listening, academic writing, speaking and listening. Even if you feel confident, it is crucial to prepare for the test properly.

Thirdly, finances. Regardless of how much you need to pay for your tuition fees, the official requirement from the Immigration Department is to provide a bank statement showing sufficient funds to cover the tuition fees and living expenses.  However, you can provide multiple bank statements or request any relative or friend who is currently living in Australia to provide their bank statement and a letter stating that they are willing to financially support you.

Also, you will be given the possibility to pay in instalments for your course, which might assist you with planning your financial expenses.

What are the work conditions?

We are often asked whether it is possible to come to work before the commencement of your studies. The answer is – no. Your main goal is to study, and you must be financially ready before you come to Australia. However, once you start your course, you can work part-time to cover some living expenses. You can also spare this time to undertake internship or training related to the field of your study!

How to prepare the application?

The process will be arranged in two areas – enrollment to the University and visa application to the Immigration Department. Those two areas will be covered by services delivered by Ferguson. You will be guided through all stages step by step regarding your enrollment to the university and meeting the requirements for your visa application. As soon as you have completed grade 12, you can be guaranteed to have a placement at one of the Australian institutes. If your grades are low, we will find you a pathway to your dream course. If your English is not good enough, we will place you in an English course first! As long as you follow our instructions, your application will be strong enough to be submitted to the Immigration Department of Australia. Even though nothing in this world is guaranteed, the success rate of Ferguson applications is 99% which proves our numbers speak for themselves!


If you are interested to apply for your dream course in Australia, explore this beautiful country and gain internationally recognized skills – contact Ferguson Team today! We are happy to assist you with your journey!

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