Have you ever considered to come to Australia to pursue your education and gain international experience? Have you dreamt of studying overseas but you are not convinced whether Australia will meet your expectations? Read these reasons as to why you should choose Australia for your next study destination!

1. World Class Universities

Australia’s tertiary education system is made up of universities, TAFE colleges, and vocational education and training providers. Many universities are recognized all around the world. Eight are placed in the top 100 in QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education Rankings and Academic Ranking of World Universities. The factors considered are academic reputation, international student ration or percentage of employment after graduation.

2. Qualifications Recognized Worldwide

The world-class education delivered by Australian providers will give you skills and knowledge to become a recognized professional, not only in the country, but worldwide. Graduates from Australia are sought by employers everywhere in the world due to impressive reputation of Australian education system. The government is strictly controlling education system for all tertiary education, so both universities and vocational programs keep the highest standards.

3. Access to Research and Facilities

Australian Universities are leading globally in scientific research. Thanks to the access to the latest technologies and innovation, Australia gives a great platform to research and it’s known for its discoveries such as penicillin or wi-fi. Students have access not only to the technologies but also resources, so no matter if you want to undertake coursework or research program, Australia will give you the full spectrum of necessary facilities.

4. Broad Subject Choice

The education system in Australia is created to deliver wide range of course choices, qualifications and degrees. Students can find any subject they are interested in, undertake degree program or attend vocational courses. The education system gives also opportunity to international students to prepare for their desired program if their qualifications are not up to a certain standard. There are multiple pathway programs to improve their knowledge for a particular course and gain more particular knowledge to study at the university.

5. Multiple Scholarship Programs

There are multiple scholarships for students with outstanding grades. The scholarship can be a contribution towards each academic year or cover full semester fees. There are also partial scholarships for South Pacific students for multiple diploma programs and bachelor’s degree courses. They are provided through the cooperation between an agent and university, so make sure you apply through Ferguson to be considered for these scholarships.

6. High Quality of Life

Australia’s cities belong to the most livable cities in the world. The most satisfied students are living in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or Hobart. The factors behind these scores are: access to education, work opportunities, weather, access to healthcare services, culture and entertainment, and safety. Melbourne kept its number one position for seven years in a row. It’s the world’s famous art city, culturally rich with the commitment to provide outstanding quality in the education system. For both, citizens of Australia and temporarily saying visitors, there are countless benefits of living in this country.

7. Nature and the Weather

The natural benefits of living in Australia are countless. The climate varies depending on the geographical position, the temperature in some regions reaches nearly 40 degrees in summer season. However, wherever you choose to live, you will never be cold in Australia! The most popular destinations weather-wise are Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Summer offers beautiful weather, with refreshing breeze, while winter’s temperature never drops below 15 degrees in the daytime. Living in Australia also gives opportunity to travel across the country and experience breathtaking landscapes and rich wildlife.

8. Work Conditions

Every international student is being granted work conditions together with their student visa. The work conditions allow students to work 20 hours per week during school terms and full-time during school holidays. The opportunities to work part-time are available almost in every profession and students can easily find short and long-term employment. The most popular positions are in hospitality sector; however, many employers are looking for students with basic professional skills for multiple paid internships.

9. Multi-Culture Environment

In metropolitan cities like Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane the number of international students are often higher than domestic students. It gives a great opportunity to meet new people from all around the world and learn about their cultures. Australia is a home for people from more than 140 countries and more than half its population was born overseas.

10. Future Employment

Graduates from Australian Universities are recognizable by employers around the world. The skills gained open you the door into international job market. Employers are now looking for candidates with international experience and so-called “soft skills”. Some of these skills are: problem-solving skills, adaptability, practical skills, networking, cultural awareness. While studying overseas you gain not only professional skills obtain in the formal education, but also skills that will help you to become more confident and independent in life.

If you are still not convinced or you would like to learn more about study opportunities in Australia, start your application with Ferguson today! Please contact one of our friendly Consultants to register for our Study and work program in Australia!

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