Australia is a popular destination for international students. With the high position of Universities in global rankings, Australia offers high quality education and qualifications recognized globally. Those who are willing to purse their education in Australia increase their chances for international career development and increase their employment opportunities. There are some programs commonly chosen by international students in Australia which pave the way towards a bright future upon graduation!

1) Business and Management

Business programs provide not only a sound knowledge needed for running a modern organization, but also helps improve skills in problem solving and critical thinking which are crucial in today’s business world. Universities often offer major subjects under this program to suit the student’s chosen profession.  These include accounting, management, international business, human resources and more. With the variety of specializations, business programs can be personalized and direct student into their desired career and specialized field.

2) Hospitality and Tourism

Both programs in the area of Hospitality and Tourism will give you qualifications in two different pathways. Studying Hospitality, you will choose between different specializations like commercial cookery, patisserie, event or hotel management. With the Hospitality Management qualifications, you will obtain knowledge to become an area manager or operations manager, hotel owner, manager or executive chef. Graduating from Travel and Tourism you will be qualified to become a visitor information manager, sales manager or even travel agency consultant/leader.

3) Education

In Australia, professions like early childhood teacher, primary teacher or special needs teacher are in high demand. There are multiple pathways to become a teacher in Australia starting from Diploma programs. These programs are combinations of coursework, research and other practical experience. Due to the high demand, these challenging thus satisfying and rewarding professions will enable you to have a stable career and you will always be on the top of job market everywhere in the world.

4) Nursing

If you are interested in healthcare and medicine and would like to help people in the hospital environment, nursing is certainly dedicated for you. There are many pathways to become a registered nurse. First, your educational background and English proficiency will be assessed, and you might either start with a certificate in aged care or diploma of nursing in order to pursue your education with a Bachelor’s degree. Both certificate and diploma programs will give you a solid knowledge in healthcare and extra points for registering as a nurse later. You need to bear in mind that your English skills need to be excellent for this program and you will be required to pass the IELT S English test with very good scores – no band score on IELTS dropping below a 7.0.

5) Engineering 

Engineering has always been a profession of the future guaranteeing its graduates stable employment and an attractive income. The program is dedicated for students with strong analytical skills, good grades in mathematics, physics and an apt for technology. As the entry requirements might often be more complex than for other programs, there are multiple pathways programs for applicants to improve their skills in mentioned areas. Engineering can be a part of different specializations: electrical, civil, mechanical, chemical or IT.

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The most popular city choices for the above programs, across the three states, are: Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (QLD) and Hobart (TAS). These developing cities will give you a variety of options for part-time employment as well as internship opportunities to obtain first-hand experience in your new profession. The great location of these cities with the access to the ocean will be a great contribution to your enjoyable stay in Australia!

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