The Visa application process might be tricky. Migration knowledge is crucial for any successful Visa application. Many consider applying for Visas on their own without professional help, however, this drastically increases the chances of Visa refusal. If you are not sure whether you want to apply by yourself or you should seek professional help, read this article to ensure you make the right decision. There are many reasons to ask for help from a registered migration agent for any kind of Visa for Australia and New Zealand.

Importance of your first application

The first application is your first record which will always be marked in your immigration history. First refusal will affect all your future applications and can contribute to your next unsuccessful Visa application. Hence, seeking professional help will ensure you start your “Visa” history off on the right foot.

Up to date Information

Immigration law is constantly changing. A huge part of Migration agent responsibilities is to track the updates on current Migration laws and use the latest knowledge to assist with Visa processing. You will receive first-hand information and you can be confident that your application which is submitted to the Visa officer is free of any outdated information or documents.


Only an experienced agent can lead to a successful Visa application. Your agent possesses necessary experience learned from similar cases and knows exactly how to process a variety of Visa applications. The experience is especially useful for cases with complicated history and the ones that require more advanced Migration knowledge.

Success rate

You can choose your Migration agent based on their success rate. Success rate is a clear indicator of how experienced and skilled your Migration agent is. High rate of successful Visa applications will help you to ensure you choose a professional agency only. You can always ask your agent to provide their statistics on successful visa applications before registering with them.


Visa applications certainly require a lot of work. It includes paperwork, collecting documents, research on up to date visa information and completing multiple complex forms. With an experienced Migration agent, the application process is usually very clear and easy. You don’t need to do any research – just follow the simple instructions and provide required documents. The Migration agent will take care of the rest!

How do you find the best Migration Agent?

If you are looking for someone who will not only provide the necessary information, but also process your application with the Immigration Department, you certainly need a Registered Migration agent. A registered Migration agent is a person who holds a current migration agent license obtained by MARA – Migration Agent Registration Authority. Only registered agents can provide Immigration advise and assistance and increase your chances of having a successful Visa outcome.

Ferguson Education and Migration has been operating for 20-years and has an approximately 99% success rate. Ferguson Education and Migration Team want to successfully represent you as your nominated agency to help you achieve your goals. Get in touch with us today to start your journey!

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